Interlock exemption for FIFO worker?

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Interlock exemption for FIFO worker?

Postby Slevin85 » March 12th, 2015, 9:09 am

Hi all
I am due to receive my license back after a disqualification period of 9 months in QLD. As this is not the first time i have committed the offence, i am required to fit an interlock becore my license will be reinstated. I was hoping to apply for an exemption from the government as i work long, often erattic rosters away on mining construction projects in remote areas of Australia. The minimum time i am away is 4 weeks, with extended stays lasting up to 7 weeks at a time with my time off being only a maximum period of 7 days. I have been in this industry and roster for at least 4 years now, and i am also required to operate work vehicles as well as large expensive cranes as part of my employment.

As the interlock device is required to be recalibrated every 28 days at the most, it will be extremely  inconvient for me having to pay for towing costs, in addition to being financially penalised for each day past the 28 day period. Am i possibly eligible for an exemption due to both the financial hardship i would be subjected to as well as the extremely remote locations where i reside for work? ,
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