The main purpose of this forum is to reduce the amount of drink driving cases in Australia. We hope to achieve this goal through the education of offenders, young drivers and school students. We expect that offenders will come to our site looking for guidance on what will occur at court or how to achieve the best outcome. We hope that they leave with so much more.

We intend to educate visitors to our site on the dangers of drink driving, the impact that it has on our community and the impact upon offenders using the following educational tools:

  • Short 10 minute videos from various driving education programs from around Australia.
  • Short testimonials from victims and family of victims.
  • Short testimonials from offenders who have killed or injured someone.
  • Statistics concerning penalties and traffic accidents.
  • A photograph slideshow of horrific accident scenes.
  • A list of rehabilitation resources available for offenders.

We are keen to promote any not for profit organisation that is aligned with the purposes of this forum. Please email admin@drinkdrivingforum.com.au with any enquiry in this regard.

Who is behind the site?
Lionel Rattenbury. Lionel is a criminal lawyer of 20 years and has lectured at a traffic offender program for many years. Through Lionel’s Australian wide criminal lawyer contacts he has been able to get approximately 50 volunteer lawyers to respond to questions from visitors to the site. Each lawyer chosen specialises in criminal / traffic law matters. Lionel is very appreciative of the generous support of the volunteer lawyers.