DUI Perth - Previous offences.

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DUI Perth - Previous offences.

Postby sjames » September 24th, 2013, 3:14 pm


On Saturday, 21st Sept I was RBT'd whilst driving and obtained a reading of .099 (ie. Mid range)

I have a previous conviction from around 2009, whilst I was still on P plates, for a blood alcohol reading of approximately .04
(Ie. Above .02 but below .05) For this conviction i received a 3 month license disqualification and fine.

Prior to this, I was convicted of a high range DUI (Approx B.A.L .15). This was around 2007.

However, At the time of this first offence, I was 17 and therefore considered a juvenile.

I am seeking advice on whether this first offence, as I was a juvenile at the time, can be held against me in court,
or if only the offence from 2009 can be considered, and what my likely outcome will be. (All offences occurred in W.A)

Any information would be appreciated.

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