Put on Breatho 1.5 hours after accident

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Put on Breatho 1.5 hours after accident

Postby andrew26 » April 9th, 2014, 9:41 am

Hi, friend of mine was returning home to Tassie after 2 weeks rostered on shift work in Victoria.
Not far from the airport he crashed his vehicle (single vehicle accident, no injuries to others), made sure his vehicle was off the road and received a lift home.
When home he attempted to contact a tow truck plus notify others of the accident. Tired, shaken and maybe suffering concussion or similar he then started drinking. Not smart I know, but approx. 1.5 hours after the accident a policeman arrived asking for him to do a breath test. Mate refused saying he had just started drinking and was taken to local station where he blew .25.
He also told officers that he may have had 1 glass of wine on the plane home, however we have since found out that the airline does not carry alcohol, so this was impossible.
I am very sure from what he has told me that he would not of been over the limit.
Are there any precedents here, any help/advice greatly appreciated.
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