dui charge but wasnt seen driving

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dui charge but wasnt seen driving

Postby jarda65 » August 18th, 2014, 10:12 pm

My sister was charged with driving erratically and over the limit, she has lost her job as a result of this charge she had to quit work as her main role was a transport driver for people with medical conditions, i am not defending her it was a stupid thing to do but the thing is police in Wickham, Western Australia didn't actually see her driving the vehicle they arrested her while she was coming out of the liquor store, they questioned her and she admitted that she was the driver of the vehicle, and another thing they put on her charge papers that they actually picked her up on the Wickham/ Roebourne road when they actually picked her up at the shopping centre and she was not in the car, she is so distraught and dont know how to defend herself in court, she had witnesses with her at the time of her arrest, her drivers licence has been automatically suspended because of her alcohol reading, any advice on what to do is going to be really appreciated, she has no money to pay for a lawyer and is now in arrears with her rent and might get evicted from her house, she also has 3 boys under the age 15 years that she used to drive to school daily, her partner has an extra ordinary drivers licence and cant really do much in the way of driving,
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