2nd offence in nsw on vic license

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2nd offence in nsw on vic license

Postby Mks9 » March 12th, 2019, 6:36 am


I lost my license (21 years old) in March of 2010 in Victoria blowing .12. I lost my license for 12 months and got my license back a year later. In June 2013 I lost my license just over the boarder in nsw blowing .07. I was given 3 years loss of license and 4 year interlock. This was to be fitted and serviced in nsw. As this wasn't a realistic thing to do I elected to wait out the 7 years as my first offence would be 10 years old by then and apparently only the second offence would be taken into account and would be treated as a first offence.

Just looking for some information. Will I have to go to court in nsw to be relicensed? I read somewhere if you don't participate in the interlock program you will lose your license for 5 years and won't have to do theninterlock. Is this correct? Can anyone confirm that after 10 years at the time of applying for my license that the first offence will be spent? Would a lawyer be required for my case (I'd definitely feel better with one). Is this a real mess due to the fact the offence happened in nsw? What are the likely outcomes? Best/worst case scenarios?

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