Reducing the charges

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Reducing the charges

Postby RichyWA » May 7th, 2012, 7:35 pm

Greetings I could use some advice, I have been charged with exceeding .08 but have some issues with some details of the charge.
Firstly, the reading at the time was 0.088 g/210l which was calculated to "0.080" as written exactly on the back at the time by the officer (there was less than 5 mins between my last drink and the time I was pulled over) however when I received the statement of facts it's claimed the calculated reading was 0.0808 and I'm not sure where they got that number and with it being less than a thousandth of a percent over, it makes incredible assumptions about the accuracy of the machine and calculations.
After a quick search online I found the accuracy of the machine (Drager Alcotest 7110) to be quoted as +/- 0.004, more than 5 times the amount I'm supposedly over! Am I then right in thinking I should plead not guilty to that charge and the charge should be reduced as that appears "reasonable doubt"?
The main reason I came here is I have no experience with lawyers and just want to know my chances of winning/losing and estimated costs of winning/losing to see if it's worth fighting first.
I have 1 previous offence in '05 and am in Perth, thanks for reading.
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