.025 on probationary licence

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.025 on probationary licence

Postby mmattricks » July 5th, 2012, 7:18 pm


I have blown 0.025 on a probationary licence with 12 days till im on my open licence.
i am on probation because i blew a high range when my licence was suspended also for drink driving,
making it the 3rd time in 5 years. please help.. And anyone reading yes i reaise there is something wrong with me.
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Re: .025 on probationary licence

Postby NSW lawyer » July 12th, 2012, 2:00 pm

In writing the below, I'm assuming you live in NSW - please post again if you do not.

It looks like you might have breached a section 9 bond that you were on as a result of the High Range? If that is the case then you will almost certainly be re-sentenced for the High Range offence, as well as being sentenced for the new offence. Luckily the new offence only carries a fine, but you resentencing for the High Range carried gaol as a maximum penalty.

It's incredibly important you get legal advice as soon as possible to ensure you maximise your chance of a good result.
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